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Advertise > Listing Guide

Please read our Listing Guide below, this will provide you with the information you need to help you upload your listing onto the HOLIDAY EXchange website. Before you upload your listing please read our Terms and Conditions.
  1. Up to five Standard Listings only may be listed on the HOLDAYEXchange website. Please Contact us if you would like to list more than five holidays. There is no limit on the number of Premium Listings you may purchase.

  2. Premium Listings are displayed before Standard Listings in the search results on our listings pages. Premium Listings can be purchased for 1 year (10) or 3 years (20).

  3. Listing your holiday is easy, our online form is quick to use, requires no pre-registration. If you are submitting a Standard Listing you will not be asked for any payment information. If you are submitting a Premium Listing you chose either the one year option for 10 or three years for 20. Payment can be made in a wide range of currencies through our secure Paypal payment service.

  4. You will find the online form faster to complete if you have the following information ready before you start - the text you would like us to use to give your listing its title, a description of your listing, your contact details and a photograph of your holiday listing.

  5. Your listiting title should be no longer than 45 characters and the description should be 230 characters or less.

  6. Contact details should include your email address which will be used in our contact form. We do not disclose email addresses on the HOLIDAY EXchange website to minimise the risk of unwanted spam email.

  7. Your contact details can also include your telephone numer and website address.

  8. Photographs should be in JPEG format and be less than 1 MB in size. However, reducing the size of large image files will speed the upload of your listing. It is also easy using either one of the following methods: Zip the image file by right mouse clicking on it in Windows Explorer select the option to Send to a Compressed Zip folder. Or open your file using Microsoft's Paint program, in the Image menu select Stretch/Skew, in the Stretch/Skew box select 50% in both the Horizontal and Vertical fields, Click OK, save the photograph with a new file name. Check the size of the file using Windows Explorer. Dimensions of the photographs on the HOLIDAY EXchange website are 100 pixels wide by 75 pixels high, if your image files are larger than this we will reduce them in size accordingly.

  9. We do reserve the right to edit your listing to ensure consistency across the HOLIDAY EXchange website, for example unnecessary capitalisation is not permitted. We will also correct spellings etc.

  10. Listings will be added to the HOLIDAY EXchange as soon as we can. Please contact us if your listing has not appeared 14 days after it has been submitted.

  11. Standard Listings on the HOLIDAY EXchange are displayed in a random order below the Premium Listings, the Random order changes on a daily basis, this gives Standard Listings and opportunity of being near the top of the listings. Premium Listings will always be displayed above the Standard Listings.

That's all there is to it. Listing your holiday should only take a few minutes. To create your listing click one one the links below:

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